It’s the little things, like website updates

In an effort to group my work, so that I’m not constantly context-switching, I’ve designated certain days for certain work. For example, Mondays I concentrate on project reviews, finding the things that might be slipping through the cracks, planning, and then getting started on the resulting TODOs. Tuesdays I concentrate on conference organization.

On Wednesdays (today), assuming there aren’t big deadline-driven conference tasks that have carried over from Tuesday, I concentrate on things like the SD website and the Support Driven Knowledge Project Diana Potter is heading up, where we’re partnering with Guru to build a Support Driven handbook.

As I’ve been going through the various handbook links, and as we also ramp up the Support Driven Book Club, I’ve come across several outdated pages on the website. As a former Happiness Engineer with, and a continuing WordPress and website enthusiast, I cannot see a website page that needs updating and not update it.

Today it made me super happy to do some spring September cleaning on the site:

  • Updated the Events page to include our current conferences (including a new one coming up in spring 2019 🎉) and our Events Calendar.
  • Created a Book Club Page.
  • Updated the Get Involved page to share things like the Salary Survey, the Heads of Support Survey, and the Book Club.
SD Get Involved page.png
Updated Get Involved page that shares what’s going on in Support Driven


I’m no designer. Obviously. The website is a work in progress that I definitely did not finish today. BUT, it sure feels good to sweep away some of the outdated information and make the site a little more representative of what’s going on right now with SD :-).

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