Doing the important work: researching donut options

I’m going to Boston in the end of October for the Support Driven Leadership Summit, and it occurred to me last night: I need to eat a Boston Cream donut while I’m there.

So of course, I’m no longer revising the job description I was drafting. I am researching donut options.

I asked in the #zlocal-boston channel in the Support Driven Slack, is there a special place I should go for either a Boston Cream donut or Boston Cream Pie? And now, omg I want donuts so bad.


boston donut conversation.png
My most important work today

I wanted to preserve the channel’s recommendations here, both for myself and to share with the world. You’ve got to go look at these websites and see the donuts for yourselves. You will die.


Is it time for Summit yet?

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