Starting from scratch with company culture: discovering core values

When I read the job description for the Director of Operations role at Support Driven, there were a couple of pieces that jumped out at me and made me think, I want this job: We don't focus on growing the number of users, we focus on growing the value of what we do for the … Continue reading Starting from scratch with company culture: discovering core values

Resources for Director of Operations or COO roles

In my first week of joining Support Driven full-time to head up operations, I sent feelers out to a couple of folks in COO and Director of Operations roles and asked, "What resources do you recommend for directing the operations of a small startup? Do you blog about your experience? I'm not finding a whole … Continue reading Resources for Director of Operations or COO roles

Stop when you’re feeling strong, and know where you’ll start again

It was wonderful to walk down the long flights of stairs knowing that I'd had good luck working. I always worked until I had something done and I always stopped when I knew what was going to happen next. That way I could be sure of going on the next day. - Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable … Continue reading Stop when you’re feeling strong, and know where you’ll start again

Saying goodbye at a distributed company: my final week at Automattic

Before starting at Support Driven, it’s time to say goodbye to old friends.

Butterfly Mind

How do you say goodbye to your coworkers of 3.5 years when you’re scattered all over the globe and none of you is in the same physical location? Last week, I sent a text to my husband, “My co-leads are going to have going away happy hour (via video) in the evening on Wednesday March 14. I imagine it could go for a while. Will that work for you?”

He replied, “Of course that’s fine. Weird… But fine 😉”

It’s times like these that being distributed is hard. We can’t get together in a pub, with the ambient sounds of end-of-workday chatter, mugs thunking on a bartop, chairs scraping across the floor, laughter at the other end of the table. We can’t sit next to each other and clink glasses as we raise a toast. We can’t hug each other when it’s all over.

But we make do. On Wednesday…

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I’m joining Support Driven full time!

I shared this on my main blog and wanted to share here :-).

Butterfly Mind

I’ve worked with Automattic, makers of, for three and a half amazing years. The company, and its faith in me, have transformed me. A leadership coach recently encouraged me to start a learning journal to jot down all the things I’ve learned the past few years. I was astonished by the list, which included successfully leading a distributed team that spans hemispheres, speaking in front of large audiences, organizing events, and, along with 14 of my co-leads, helping scale the processes and operations of a globally distributed support team of more than 120 Happiness Engineers.

An opportunity fell into my lap a few weeks ago: an opportunity to join Support Driven, a small company that exists to serve a growing community of Customer Support professionals. At first I didn’t consider it. I had everything I wanted at Automattic: smart and funny coworkers, freedom to learn and grow…

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