I’m a Happiness Engineer again!

Butterfly Mind

I’ve had a black Happiness Engineer T-shirt hanging in my closet the past two years. The Editorial team at Automattic sent it to me in a thank you package for working on a project with them in early 2014, when I was a blogger using WordPress.com, before I even knew Automattic existed (Automattic is the maker of WordPress.com). I thought the T-shirt was so cool, but I didn’t feel right wearing it because I wasn’t actually a Happiness Engineer. I didn’t even know what a Happiness Engineer was. So I looked it up. I followed the breadcrumbs from the care package to Automattic’s Work With Us page.

And my life totally changed.

Here was a company dedicated to democratizing publishing. Here was the company that had made it easy for me to share my writing with the world, without having to go through the gatekeeper of a publishing house…

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Identity crisis averted. Thank you, mission statement.

Originally published on Butterfly Mind, April 2016. In my 9th of 10 years of being a stay-at-home-mom, I was antsy to add meaning to my life beyond the role of Mom. I had recently begun blogging, and I was in constant search of my identity. We often identify ourselves by what we do: scientist, lawyer, … Continue reading Identity crisis averted. Thank you, mission statement.

The student is the teacher: helping out in Blogging 101

In the month of October, I focused a large portion of my extracurricular work time on training new Automatticians and Happiness Engineer trials. We covered tools, tickets, tone - and in every session, a trainee taught me something new. This is a reason I love to teach. The joy of a student's discovery is always … Continue reading The student is the teacher: helping out in Blogging 101